Dr. Horrible

Did you watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog?

If not, you should have. It was quite good.

It’s Joss Whedon’s descent into writing-strike lunacy, as described by the Master Plan.

Too bad it’s not free anymore. I confess that I somewhat deliberately withheld posting about this until after the free watching stopped specifically to get back at Michael Steele who did not alert me to Firefly when it was being broadcast in the way-back-when. So, “HA!” Mike. (Did you see that? That was me being evil! ELE, here I come!)

Not that most people reading my blog didn’t hear about this through other sources. Or at least, you should have, slackers!

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3 Responses to Dr. Horrible

  1. Annie says:

    Hey! I tried to see it much earlier – I just had about as much success getting to it as one often has trying to get to Twitter.

  2. James Cronen says:


    Same here… Robin and I tried to watch it multiple times throughout the weekend and we were stymied by Hulu’s “This video is not available at this site.”

    I’ll pony up the six bucks for it anyway, after hearing how good it was.

  3. Courtney says:

    I was completely entertained from start to finish and indeed Dr. Horrible was well told and sung. I loved that his blog was actually part of the story where other characters interacted with it.

    I hope this was not autobiographical and Joss Whedon is Dr. Horrible otherwise we are all in terrible terrible trouble.

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