Electrical Issues

RainI’ve been an electrical person the last few days. On Sunday, I was eating lunch with Courtney and Kapow KABOOM KABOOOOOMMMMM!!!! a thunderstorm came rolling over us. We were sitting outside at Apres Diem in Virginia Highland and at least 5 of the strikes were within 100 yards. It was impressive, to say the least.

Then, yesterday, I witnessed a power cut-out go kablooie outside my office window. Also impressive.

And last night we had a thunderstorm roll over the house with several strikes within a very short distance; close enough to make the TV go BzzzT! BzzzzzzZZZZZT! Also, consequently, fried Comcast cable service. Hopefully that’s temporary. I cannot live without my internet, obviously.

Perhaps I should stay away from electrical circuits for a few days, just in case?

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