I Done Broked my Lens!

In accordance with the “Break Important Things” act of 2008, I’ve now subjected two important items in my life to destructive activities. First the car, now the main lens for my camera.

Sigma 30mm f/1.4 lens being prepared to go back to the service center

I was on a site visit for work and I dropped the camera coming out of my car. Now it won’t focus past about 2 meters. You can see in the image the maximum extent of the focus, marked by the little white tick mark next to the distance window pane. Even manually focusing, it won’t go past that point therefore lens = broken. Alas.

It’s now on it’s way to the Sigma repair center in New York. Hopefully it won’t be gone too long.

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4 Responses to I Done Broked my Lens!

  1. Chris says:

    Le Ouch.

    My camera body is still doing something squirrelly with CF cards, but I just can’t bear to be without my camera for the 4-6 weeks (at least) that it would take to go through the service center. As long as I use the body as the CF reader I’m able to work around the problem.

    Oh, and this might not be the best year to take up any new dangerous sports.

  2. Bill says:

    If I had broken the camera I would probably have taken the opportunity to upgrade the body. A 5D would be nice, although the lightweightedness of the Rebel is so convenient.

    I put the kit lens (blech) back on my camera and thought, “wow, light!” Makes me feel bad for those people lugging around the 1Ds Mark III with an L lens.

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