Why We Don't Trust Mechanics

My vehicle was making some distressing new noises this week. They seemed to originate from the front end (front wheel drive) during acceleration and cornerning, which is not a good combination. I was thinking CV joint or axle. It turns out to be the right half axle, which is being replaced.

However, when I called yesterday to make an appointment, the lady who took it asked me to summarize the symptoms, and I said, “Funny sounding vibration, in front.” She asked, “at highway speeds?” to which I responded, “Yes.”

Fast forward to the call from the mechanic. They recommended a replacement axle, and a few other things which I know are problems (but am ignoring), plus they strongly recommended I rotate and balance the tires, to remove the “vibration at highway speeds.” The kicker here is that there is no vibration at highway speeds that is attributable to my tires. Furthermore, my tires were newly bought and balanced less than two months ago. I know they tacked this on as a silly way to milk my wallet with unecessary work. This does not make me happy, and I plan to tell them about it when I get there.


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