Busy Weekend

This is more of a livejournal posting, but as I only use livejournal to keep up with what my friends are doing, voila!

Saturday I spent all day working on the AT with the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club. It was supposed to be the “District Maintenance Month” wherein all the section overseers (I have section 3.8; 1.2 miles of fairly level stuff) of a particular district get together and fix anything big that needs fixing. Unfortunately, we only had three people for our district, so we ended up hauling wood chips in to the Stover Creek Privy. After that, I drove back over to Justus Creek and joined the rest of the club who were working on a trail relocation. This involves much digging/chopping/cutting/bending/working and I was exhausted when I got home. But! We had friends coming over, so no sleepy for Billy, instead stayed up ’til 11:30 or so.

Sunday, I was the trip organizer for an ITE whitewater rafting trip. I wish I could post pictures, but I had to use one of those disposable waterproof cameras, and it’s being developed right now. We rafted the middle Ocoee in Tennessee with the Ocoee Adventure Center rafting guides. We had a blast, and now I’m doubly tired. Work will be very early tomorrow morning.

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