This Week in Traffic: 1 June 2007

TOP STORY: Because this is cool

In Kahului, HI, citizens who are protesting the new Hawaii Superferry plan to simulate the effects that the offloading of this ferry will have on the local road network. They’re not simulating this using software, though; they’re gathering an equivalent amount of vehicles and pedestrians to do an actual offload, to demonstrate the effects the ferry will bring. This is citizenry in action! Awesome.

New Tunnel into New York City

News about a potential new commuter rail tunnel. Secretary Mary Peters has been slinging around a lot of money in the last few weeks. She announced here in Atlanta some big amount of money to help study Atlanta Harstfield Jackson Airport in order to determine if further expansion is possible, and to consider a potential second airport.

Safety Improvements can be Overdone

This man has a point about safe roads being not necessarily “comfortable” roads.

The Lie of Realtime Traffic Data

Before anyone gets up in arms about be bashing our faithful brethren in the ITS industry, I must say that I have personal experience to what this man is complaining about. On several occasions here in Atlanta, I’ve checked the traffic status (acceptable) on Georgia Navigator, only to have the inaccuracy forcefully pointed out to me by my stuck-in-traffic wife. There is apparently some lag in the reporting of average speeds around here.

Camera-Toting Bobbies

More news about the traffic wardens in England who now have head-cameras.

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