I Hate Being a Cliche

“I’m getting old.”

I’ve heard that phrase. I’ve even used that phrase although I don’t really mean it. Not yet anyway.

However, last night, I managed to pull two or three muscles in my back while sitting on the couch. Yes, you heard it, I’m so out of shape that sitting on the couch is too much for me.

I need to get jogging again.

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2 Responses to I Hate Being a Cliche

  1. psychowoof says:

    Dude, you are old! 6 days older than me! And I’m feeling like I got hit by a truck from doing yardwork on Tuesday.

    I’m still wondering how my body aged so much without my brain knowing it. My brain still thinks it’s something like 22, not this quickly approaching 33.

  2. Bill says:

    Apparently, I didn’t kill myself with the couch incident. I’m feeling much more mobile today, and I’ll probably not have any trouble running the Peachtree 10k on Tuesday (I hope).

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