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As mentioned in my post concerning Dragon*Con ’05, I saw two of the actors from Battlestar Galactica over the weekend: Tricia Helfer and Richard Hatch (not from Survivor). I refuse to link to his website because it belongs on If you must see it, go to but don’t if you’re on dialup. You are warned.

Mr. Hatch played Apollo for the original Battlestar Galactica and now plays Tom Zarek for the new one. He does a good job on the show with his character. I am suitably impressed. He’s not all that in person, though. I showed up for his panel (which was supposed to be with Jamie Bamber and James Callis, but they cancelled at the last minute. Apparently they were called back to Vancouver for shooting), and expected to hear about Battlestar or things related to Battlestar.

Unfortunately, we got a lot of Richard Hatch talking at us. He had some interesting stories, but he sounded more like an inspirational speaker than someone answering questions about his work. It got rather boring after a while.

I was amused that he kept staring at Jenn, though. I think he liked her.

Tricia Helfer was much more interesting. Her panel was on Sunday. She was a stand in for Jamie Bamber and nicely flew out to give us a Battlestar fix. She answered questions about the show–without revealing any spoilers–and herself. She mentioned that the Pegasus storyline would be coming up in an episode or two, but we knew that already (Pegasus is another surviving Battlestar).

I asked her the following question: “We have seen five human-looking Cylons. That leaves seven. Do you, Tricia, know who they are, and if so, have we seen them on screen?”

She answered that she knew who one of them was, and she did not think that that character had been on screen yet. She also said that the actors are always the last people to know about the plot twists and anyone we’ve already seen could be a Cylon. I’m still waiting for Adama to turn into a Cylon. That or Colonel Tye’s wife.

I’m glad I went to those panels, even if Richard Hatch was a bit preachy. Tricia Helfer was engaging–and nice looking!

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  1. Mike says:

    My money’s on Tigh’s wife… and I find it interesting that Michael Hogan, the actor who plays Tigh (and does a hell of a job) is never listed as a regular cast member. It makes me wonder if there’s a future for that character…

    As for Adama? I don’t know… I have my theories. I also think Richard Hatch WAS an inspirational speaker between original BSG and his return as an actor… so that may be where you get that vibe.

    I am disappointed by proxy that you didn’t get to see Bamber and Callis. I have great, great respect for both of them based on their realizations of their characters, particularly Callis. And both were almost completely unknown before this show. Although if I had to choose one cast member to spend a day hanging out with, it’s gotta be Katee Sackhoff. I have a feeling there’s a whole lot of her in her interpretation of Starbuck.

  2. Bill says:

    Both Richard Hatch and Tricia Helfer had very good things to say about Katee Sackhoff. They thought she was a hell of an actress who was doing a great job with Starbuck.

    One of the things that came up in the Richard Hatch panel was the official “vote for who you would date on the Battlestar Galactica set.” All of the audience members would raise their hands as Richard Hatch called out various cast members. Grace Park (Boomer) got a lot of votes, as did Tricia Helfer. Katee Sackhoff came in a close third followed by Mary McDonnel.

    On the Guy’s side, I believe James Callis got first place followed by Jamie Bamber and Tahmoh Penikett (Helo). Richard Hatch got a shout out from the crowd, but it was a guy who shouted. I don’t remember Edward Olmos being mentioned.

    As for Tigh’s (– notice spelling correction) wife being a Cylon. I go back and forth between “she’d be way too obvious” to “she’s being too obstructive not to be a Cylon.

  3. Mike says:

    I think the guys from Homestar Runner were at Dragon*Con too:

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