Blogware: What a Pain!

“Learning curve like the Matterhorn.” That is a quote from The Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. The character in question (Randall Waterhouse) was reffering to Unix, as opposed to small, furry desktop operating systems.

For similar reasons, I’ve always been leery of jumping into the mess that is blogging because I didn’t want to take the time to figure out all of the esoteric crap that you need to know in order to operate a server-side database, SQL junk, etc (See, I don’t even know the correct lingo to complain about it all!)

Never the less, I have decided that posting static html pages is a pain, so I’ll hammer myself into the blogging world the same way I did with other computer applications (and my career): jump in and screw up a few times until I’ve figured it out.

Thankfully, blogging software is quite mature at this time, and surfing around shows an enormous number of different websites or programs that will allow you to do whatever your tender heart desires. See for a comparison of Blog Software . As I didn’t want to spend too much time looking before playing, I decided to go with Asymptomatic’s recommendation: WordPress.

After some trials and tribules, I’m here. I strongly recommend WordPress because of the excellent wiki-based support and help system. It enabled me to get this blog running without too much hassle.

Suffice to say, here’s my blog.

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