Back on Track?


It has been a busy few months, but I think things are settling back down into a routine. At least as routine as you can get with an infant around.

Firstly, and most importantly, we had a baby! Wow, that sure threw a wrench into the life-schedule that we had spent nine years putting together. Also, I changed jobs, kept fighting with my back issues, Jenn stayed home for eight weeks, and various other little things.

Now, Jenn’s back to work, Griffin has regular day care, I’m getting a regular paycheck again, and it looks like the country won’t get flushed down the toilet for political theater. I’d say we’re back on track, at least to maintain a routine that helps keep everything clicking along.

One piece of evidence of the problems that non-routine can bring me is that I keep losing stuff. For some reason (and this is all on me) I keep not putting things back where the belong! Most recently, the ear plugs I use for motorized yard work. Also, my social security card. Now, it’s the electrical tape. Of course, one of the lessons of this process is that it’s important to have routines and processes, even more so when everything is out of whack. You can fall back on those routines and be assured that you won’t be dropping any stitches (like paying your property tax. Got that in on the last day).

We’ll use the next few weeks on the lead-up to Thanksgiving to help lock in this new routine. I’m sure Griffin will throw some additional wrenches into the works, because he’s age 0, you know, but we’ll keep working to get the adults in the house back to a spot where we know what the hell we’re doing.

Speaking of Griffin. Have a picture.


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