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As of last Tuesday, I have a new position with Grice Consulting Group. I am the Director of Traffic with the official title of Vice President.1 I will be running the traffic engineering practice from my new office in Midtown Atlanta (the One Atlantic Center building at the corner of West Peachtree and 14th).

I am excited to be here and starting my tenure with Grice. Right now I’m still trying to wrap my head around the existing staff and projects in order to keep things turning over smoothly. Thankfully, things have been left in good order. I don’t anticipate any problems.

Working in Midtown will be a nice change from the office location I was recently at in Norcross. While Norcross is a perfectly nice place, here in my office I am a block from the High Museum, a block from Arts Station MARTA, a hop skip and jump from a gazillion different restaurants, and of course I’m in the center of Atlanta Metro which, by definition, means I’m close to a lot of different things. I’m sure that will be put to use.

  1. The most interesting part of this story was when I came by to drop off my paperwork and the accounting manager asked me, “Are you the new VP?” That sounded very strange to my ears. []
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