Moving On to New Pastures

Moreland Altobelli Safety Hat

Today is my last day at Moreland Altobelli. I started back in April of 2009 and it’s been an adventure and then some.

I was the project manager of the first-in-Georgia, award-winning Ashford Dunwoody Diverging Diamond Interchange; I conducted a number of traffic studies that led to other important projects being constructed; I built signals and recommended safety improvements; I worked with good people and did good things here for the state of Georgia. I learned, and did, a lot of things while I was here.

But, now it’s time to move on. I’m going to spend a couple weeks at home with the Griffin and Jennifer, and then start my new job on Septmber 3rd. It’s a brand new adventure, on top of the brand new adventure we already started this month. 2013 is an exciting year!

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