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As I mentioned last week, I am transitioning from my old job to a new one. I start the Tuesday after Labor day, which is five short days from now. For the time being, I’m staying home, spending time with Jenn and with Griffin. I’m doing some prep-work for the new job, but mostly that involves catching up on professional literature and getting my mind in the zone to be off and running as soon as Tuesday rolls around.

What is the new job? I’m not telling yet. I’ll let you know on Tuesday. There’s no particular reason for the secrecy other than I like my suspensefulness. I will say that it’s a step up in responsibility, doing the same transportation stuff that I’ve been doing. The office is in Midtown Atlanta, about a block from the High Museum, which will be convenient as Jenn and I are members and I can walk over to enjoy Art at lunch.

The new office location is a shorter commute than driving to Norcross every day, which will make me much happier. I’ll spend (approximately) 2.5 fewer hours in the car per week. I can also use transit to commute which I’m unreasonably delighted about. I don’t think I’ll be using transit regularly, but it’s available if I need it. In my previous office location, I couldn’t get there from here without a car no matter what the situation.

As I said, the job starts next Tuesday. One of the coincidentally nice things about Griffin arriving when he did is he caused us to not attend Dragon Con this year. Instead of the full Dragon Con experience which involves very little sleep and a lot of energy and stimulation leading to an exhausted Bill the week after, we’ll be doing normal weekend things and I’ll be well-rested for my first day of work. We plan to go down to the Con on Sunday evening, but that’s just one night, not the whole enchilada.

Until Tuesday, though, I’m just chillin’ with my peeps, enjoying the time spend with my family and learning how to take care of the little bundle of joy and poop that is Griffin.

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