Southern Hospitality II

Like wikipedia articles, breaking news stories are best left to sit and smoulder until the facts come out.

Yesterday, I passed along quotes from an AJC article concerning the arrest of a British historian for jaywalking.

Well, there’s another story today, with the officer insisting that he used an “excessive amount of discretion.” Here’s the link to the story (registration required). To sum up, the professor claims abuse, the officer claims snootiness, and given the statement from the police department, “He is an oustanding officer,” said Maj. James Sellers. “We’ve never had a complaint about him before,” I’m inclined to go with the officer on this one.

But wait! There’s a nail in this coffin that I can personally attest to! One of the professor’s original claims was that the officer was not in uniform. However, he was working part time directing pedestrian traffic across a busy downtown street at the Hilton. I’ve seen many officers working this same duty, and they are always in uniform. Take that, British historian! Hah!

Still, not good publicity for Atlanta, which retains the title of “Most Tacky Olympics.”

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