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On Publishing Contracts and Why You Should Not Write Contemporaneous Fiction

Charles Stross has a nice description and discussion of the Book Publishing Contract of Doom! over at his blog today. It struck a chord with me at this paragraph: The fourth chunk [of the contract] is about publication dates ….The … Continue reading

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A Story in Spirit

I get the JPL news alerts. They frequently have to do with the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Today they reported that Spirit is having some difficulties. The full text is here, but here is a quote: On Monday, Spirit’s … Continue reading

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Write or Die!

I came across this amusing tool today. I’m using it right now for a traffic study, although I’ll have to set the tolerance to “nice” because my reports require me to pause a lot and gather information from other places. … Continue reading

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Lunch Time Brainstorming

Regarding my post yesterday about writing, I decided to brainstorm some story ideas. Feel free to chime in, if you want or to steal them for your own use (if you think they’re worthy). Large Hadron Collider goes online. Mini … Continue reading

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