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This Week in Traffic: 21 March 2007

Elderly Fail to Yield According to this news report, the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety published a study that says older drivers tend to have collisions due to failures to yield at intersections. They pull out at inappropriate times … Continue reading

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Gregorian Calendar

Here are some history and details about the Gregorian Calendar, brought to you by Matt Rosenberg, friendly neighborhood provider of weekly emails concerning geography. The most interesting thing (to me) in this article is that it took 170 years to … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

At 00:22 GMT on December 22nd, the world will celebrate once more its free annual trip around the sun. This equates to 18:22 (6:22 PM EDT) 19:22 (7:22 PM EST) December 21st for those of us sitting on the east … Continue reading

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More Google Sightseening

Here is a Google Maps image of a cruise ship that capsized due to a typhoon. Wow…

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Asia -> Spain: Holy Crap that's a long way!

I’ve been hearing a lot of press recently about the Canary Isands being the port of harbor for African illegal immigration to Europe. The geography makes good sense. The Canaries are only 150 miles (give or take) off of Morocco. … Continue reading

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