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Weirdest Thing all Day

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Biggest Joke of the Week

Unfortunately, it’s not a joke. Thanks to Unclutterer, I’ve learned about the Uroclub, a device that allows you (men) to pee into a club-shaped receptacle rather than hold it, or run for the woods, or just pee on your golf … Continue reading

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Cool News Reports

This morning I awake to learn that Julia Child was not only a legendary cook, but also a spy with the OSS. Awesome! I also learned that there’s a hoaxer living in Georgia who claims to have found Bigfoot’s corpse. … Continue reading

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L.Ron Hubbard to the RESCUE!

Did you know that L.Ron Hubbard (why the ‘L’? Can’t I call him Ronny Hubbard?) created the first and only technology that allows people to truly study? Neither did I. Did you know that things are so simple that it’s … Continue reading

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How Drunk must you be…

…to walk up to a urinal at Phillips Arena in Atlanta, the one actively overflowing onto the floor, and proceed to urinate into it, all the while complaining that you’re getting your shoes wet? Very drunk, I assume. I hesitate … Continue reading

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Finally, A freaky-weird scheme I can get behind I even have a half-day off that friday! The Science The Global Consciousness Project (, Princeton University, runs a network of Random Event Generators (REGs) around the world, which record changes in randomness during global events. I need to … Continue reading

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