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Training Continues; Paranoia Sets In

We’re training for the Mount Desert Island Marathon. You may recall that I’ve been having some calf issues which caused me to DNF out of the Georgia Marathon. Well, training has begun again for the next big race and it’s … Continue reading

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Doctor Frustration

Warning: The following constitutes generalizations with a sample size of “not very big”. Medical Doctors, it seems, don’t really want to look at me as a whole anymore. They want to look at “the problem” and fix it. Or try. … Continue reading

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Georgia Marathon 2011 – DNF

Today I ran the Georgia Marathon. Exactly 3.8 miles of it. I managed to pull my calf again. I was at the water station at on Auburn avenue when the aching in the calf became a shooting, stabbing pain. I … Continue reading

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Georgia Marathon

Tomorrow I run the Georgia Marathon. The course map is here (pdf) if you want to come cheer me on. You can figure I’ll cross the start line around 7:10 AM and be maintaining a 12:00 per mile pace (more … Continue reading

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Atlanta Track Club Peachtree City 5k/10k 2011 -and- Injury Update

I ran today with Keith and Jaime the Atlanta Track Club 5k/10k in Peachtree City (we all ran the 5k). I turned in a 26:00 according to my watch and both Keith and Jaime broke their previous PRs. Go us! … Continue reading

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Injury – Frustration

Last night I attended/worked the Search for the Golden Sprocket, an event sponsored by The Extraordinary Contraptions. I arrived earlier than most of the band and discovered that the primary entrance to the venue was a slick ice death trap. … Continue reading

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Running/Triathlon Training: State of the Bill

I had a commenter a while back say that he missed my posts about running and triathlon training. Alas, for the last little while there hasn’t been much to post, but here is a general update: Jennifer and I are … Continue reading

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Workouts – Back to Basics

Today I began something that I should probably have been doing all along. It might have averted the little tiny problem I had last fall. That thing is: core workouts every day. Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t plan to put … Continue reading

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Back, Ironman, Training 2010

My back is much better. Thanks everyone who’s been keeping up. Ironman is past and gone. Too bad I couldn’t do it. I will keep that in my back pocket for some other year. I am even as we speak … Continue reading

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Ironman Conclusion

Today I made a tough decision. I decided to not race in the 2009 Florida Ironman. On Sunday I pulled some muscles in my back in a truly heroic manner. This particular injury is one I’m familiar with from past … Continue reading

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