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The Why and How of Tebow-Time with Intro from the Eyebrowistrator

Two days ago I alluded to a sea change coming to the Eyebrow. I may have been guilty of just a bit of hyperbole, yet what is happening is unprecedented. There are now two authors on this blog! Everyone welcome … Continue reading

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Swimming World Records

Here’s an interesting perspective on the breaking of World Records in swimming, on Tim Layden is saying that this is just not exciting, even though it should be. Swimming records have been falling like leaves for the last decade, … Continue reading

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Argh for the Red Sox

If you haven’t any interest in baseball, stop now. Don’t read. I flipped on game 4 of the ALCS last night, just in time for the first pitch of the top of the fifth inning. Tim Wakefield and his vaunted … Continue reading

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2007 Peachtree City Triathlon

I raced my first Triathlon today! The Peachtree City Triathlon is a sprint tri (0.3 mile swim, 13.3 mile bike, 3.1 mile run) and I came in with a time of 1:23:56. This was about 10 minutes faster than what … Continue reading

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Track and Field Units of Measure

I was watching Track and Field last night when a seemingly obvious question came to mind. I say “seemingly” because it has never crossed my mind before. Why do we measure running distances (except the marathon) in meters but throwing … Continue reading

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Barry Bonds Surpasses Hank Aaron

Thanks be that Barry Bonds didn’t go through a drought like last week. If he had, he might not have hit his 756th home run untill next week when San Francisco would have been here, in Atlanta, home of Hank … Continue reading

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Braves vs. Red Sox

I have been an Atlanta Braves fan since childhood. My family lived in Florida for nine years, before there were any Florida teams, so we were Braves fans. We then moved to New Hampshire and started rooting for the Red … Continue reading

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Self-Serving Publicity? Or Good-Natured Intentions?

The University of Georgia has extended a scholarship to a soccer player who may not be able to play. They indicate that despite her medical condition, Caroline Simpson is welcome to come to her freshman year in any capacity. I … Continue reading

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RPI managed to snatch a tie from the jaws of victory last night in the annual Big Red Freakout (RPI’s version of homecoming). RPI tied St. Lawrence 3-3. Keep in mind I’m talking about college hockey here! This lengthens our … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Ad

Thanks to Tom [husband of Steph] for once again demonstrating why NH rocks! The winner of the Super Bowl Ad contest is from Portsmouth, NH, and works in Portland, ME, two very nice places to be. Check out the pitch … Continue reading

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