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Spotting Crackpottery

These short rules will arm you in your fight against woo-woo mysticism, anti-second-law patents, and fantastic claims. It is good education for anyone.

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Blasphemy Challenge

Damn yourself to hell. Get a free DVD. The linked website is the Blasphemy Challenge, sponsored by the Rational Response Squad. I learned about this challenge through Skepticality, a skeptics podcast I listen to as time presents. Skepticality is also … Continue reading

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Irish Switching Sides?

Of the road, that is… This popped into my feedreader today. Normally, I would include it in my weekly traffic posting, but I believe that it (potentially) deserves its own entry. According to grandad, Ireland will be switching from left-side … Continue reading

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Mr. Socky Speaks Truth!

If you want to know The Truth as Mr. Socky, a.k.a. The Gummit, speaks it, please follow this link to Pharyngula. I promise that you’ll be amused. (Or insulted. I was amused.)

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Analogic Bear Volcano

Here is a link to a post by PZ Meyers of Pharyngula with a very thinly disguised methaphor for science vs. religion. Let it not be said that I either endorse or anti-endorse this post. You must only read it, … Continue reading

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Blogoshpere: The Great Experiment

Free speech is a wonderful thing; I fully support it. I think Fred Phelps is currently the USA’s biggest penis-head, but I support his right to preach his message of hate. The blogosphere has increased everyone’s ability to get their … Continue reading

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