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Astrology takes another Whacking

It appears that Astrologic horoscopes from Yahoo have a bunch of similarities. Big surprise, I know. Click through the image to go to the Information is Beautiful site that includes discussion of how that did this.

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Bigfoot! A.K.A. "Fleecing Gullible People"

Don’t forget that today is the Big Reveal™ of the big foot carcass that was found/shot/planted in the north Georgia mountains. I commented on this yesterday. Today, however, I clicked over to the alleged big foot finders’ scam artists’ website … Continue reading

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Cool News Reports

This morning I awake to learn that Julia Child was not only a legendary cook, but also a spy with the OSS. Awesome! I also learned that there’s a hoaxer living in Georgia who claims to have found Bigfoot’s corpse. … Continue reading

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JREF $1M Challenge

Phil Plait announced today that he is ascending the ranks of the skeptic community by accepting the Presidency of the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). But that’s not why I’m writing. After reading JREF’s press release, I went to the … Continue reading

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Proof of ESP, Etc.

As always, Xkcd makes the case succinctly.

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UFO In Texas

I haven’t been trolling lurking my usual stream of blogs this week because of general busy-ness, therefore this AP news item, concerning a UFO sighting reported by dozens has taken my by surprise. The normal comments are made: While federal … Continue reading

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On the AP Wire today was a story about a man who was shot while being robbed. Instead of being mortally wounded, he threw up his hand and the bullet impacted his wedding band. The ring took enough kinetic energy … Continue reading

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Good Math, Bad Math does a Takedown

I really like Mark Chu-Carrol’s blog, Good Math, Bad Math. In it, he dissects various mathematical concepts, most of which are tantalizingly past my ken, which makes me think. I like that. But he also does frequent mathematical smack-downs on … Continue reading

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Praying for Rain

Our noble born-again Georgia Governor held a prayer vigil yesterday at the capitol to pray for rain. If you’re not aware, Georgia is in an historic drought at this time. Weather today? Unseasonably warm, 20% chance of showers. My question: … Continue reading

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It's a Mad Mad Mad … World

Phil Plait has a posting concerning a major TV personality who doesn’t know whether the Earth is flat. Phil hit it hard, but I’ll reiterate one of his points. It is just not possible to exist in an industrialized country … Continue reading

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