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The Extraordinary Contraptions

I don’t push these guys (The Extraordinary Contraptions!) just because they’re my friends. I do it because I like they’re music. For proof, I offer Exhibit A. My iTunes library sorted by number of Plays: Go now and check out … Continue reading

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Superuseless Superpowers

Currently my most favorite link in the feed reader is: Superuseless Superpowers! Check it out. And my favorite of the powers? 99% Opacity. There’s a special ability in taking something that is cosmically insane and making it hilariously funny.

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Direct Consequences of Bad Design

Simon Whitfield, Canadian Triathlete, has posted on his blog about the frustrations inherent in keeping up with his athlete location reporting system. This is a great example of poor electronic design causing hardship. He is an athlete who is already … Continue reading

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Andy Jordan's Bicycle Warehouse

This is a shout out to Andy Jordan’s Bicycle Warehouse in Augusta, GA for having great hospitality to an out-of-towner cyclist. They gave me a place to change, pump my tires and fill up my water bottle. Thanks guys!

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Band Geeks Attend!

I hang out with a bunch of band geeks (full disclosure, I am not technically a band geek myself, but I squeak in by association). Those band geeks will appreciate today’s blog post by the Female Science Professor, who has … Continue reading

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PodCastle Reading

I have it on good authority (the editor, Rachael, tells me so) that the story I read for PodCastle will be posted today. (edit: here’s the link) PodCastle is the Fantasy sibling/spinoff to EscapePod. The story I read is called … Continue reading

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Chris is Made!

My friend Chris, who’s costume has been mentioned before, and who describes his costume here, got linked through from Bad Astronomy. In my circle, that’s like gold, man!

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Chris/Kristin Won the Costume Contest!

All right. I lied a bit about not blogging. Kristin and Chris brought a costume to Dragon*Con. Kristin made it, Chris wore it. They won the Audience Favorite award at the Masquerade last night! It was awesome. The only picture … Continue reading

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Novelist Catches Fire! Writes Novel!

Well, she didn’t actually catch fire, and her novel isn’t complete yet, but Robin’s new blog will let you keep track of the status. I send you there with well wishes.

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I’m not sure that everyone’s aware, but I’m not the only person in the family with a Podcast. is Jenn’s professional blog and podcast. Check it out. She’s on episode 4 now.

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