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"Save me Plz"

Recent Escape Pod short strory, “Save me Plz” has been released as free fiction, accoring to SFSignal. It’s an interesting story. If you’re into gaming, or role playing, or both, I recommend reading it, or listening to the Escape Pod … Continue reading

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Top Science Fiction Authors

The top 16 science fiction authors, as measured by Hugo and Nebula awards, are listed by SF Signal I find it interesting that of the sixteen authors, I don’t like the works of eight. Does this make me shallow? I … Continue reading

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Starship Captains

Through the good works of SF Signal, I’m referred to Top Twenty Starship Captains, by Kunochan. I actually didn’t find this posting to be all that great, but I commented on the thread, so I’ll link it here. If nothing … Continue reading

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Hot Kirk and Spock Action!

There is hot Kirk on Spock action at the Wednesday YouTube at SFSignal. Someone watches too much Star Trek.

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