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Leonid Meteors Tonight!

You should go outside and watch the Leonid meteor shower tonight (Friday Nov. 16, 2012). It will produce many more shooting stars than the normal 6-10 per hour, and if we’re lucky, it’ll be a one-per-second show. It all depends … Continue reading

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Happy Higgs Boson (And Fourth of July)

Happy American Independence Day! In case you don’t follow physics circles, you may not be aware that the Large Hadron Collider detector teams have announced the detection of a particle that falls within the predicted energy range of the Higgs … Continue reading

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Better Titled: “Nationalistic Propaganda Works!”

Jim Galloway of the AJC had a tidbit this morning: Beware: If you go to a Fourth of July celebration on Monday, your kids are statistically more likely to end up Republican. The study, out of Harvard, relates the likelihood … Continue reading

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Attention Roleplaying Travelers: Tetrahedra Pack Best

Just now coming to my attention: Experiments in packing have determined that tetrahedra (4 sided dice) pack together most efficiently (subscription req’d) when randomly shaken in boxes. This news, from last year, is quite cool because how else do you … Continue reading

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Two Sciencey Things

First off, you may have heard that Benoit Mandelbrot died. Who? Go to the link. At that link was this video which is just way stinkin’ cool. Mandelbrot Fractal Set Trip To e214 HD from teamfresh on Vimeo. And then, … Continue reading

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Why The LHC Won't Destroy the Earth

There’s been lots of noise this summer about the incipient destruction of the Earth by the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. There’s been scientists quoted as saying, basically, “Yes, there’s a teeny tiny chance that the LHC will produce black … Continue reading

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Pluto is Two Years Dead

Today is the two year anniversary of Pluto’s demotion from planet status. I had invited several people to contribute to this event. Chris Schierer has remarked that Pluto is really really small and is very very hard to see. Kim … Continue reading

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I've Been Taken To Task

I posted on Friday about vaccines and my opinion of parents who don’t do use them. Ginger Taylor responded (and snarked at me for not approving her comment fast enough). She makes some points, to which I respond. I want … Continue reading

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People don’t pay attention to the weather outside their immediate vicinity unless it’s a catastrophic incident that makes national/international news. Thus we have Tropical Storm Fay, which isn’t bothering me personally at the moment but sure is causing headaches for … Continue reading

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Bigfoot! A.K.A. "Fleecing Gullible People"

Don’t forget that today is the Big Reveal™ of the big foot carcass that was found/shot/planted in the north Georgia mountains. I commented on this yesterday. Today, however, I clicked over to the alleged big foot finders’ scam artists’ website … Continue reading

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