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Leonid Meteors Tonight!

You should go outside and watch the Leonid meteor shower tonight (Friday Nov. 16, 2012). It will produce many more shooting stars than the normal 6-10 per hour, and if we’re lucky, it’ll be a one-per-second show. It all depends … Continue reading

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One month from today is the 2nd anniversary of Pluto’s demotion from Planet status to lowly Dwarf Planet/Kuiper Belt Object. I’m thinking of doing a blog carnival, or having guest bloggers on board that day for a random series of … Continue reading

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"Why I Read Blogs" -or- "Wicked Stuff!"

I have a feedreader, appropriately named Feedreader, which serves up to me on a daily basis a stew of random stuff. Some of this is fluff, some is interesting, some is funny, some is crap, and some is so freaking … Continue reading

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Awesome Astronomy, Terrible Reporting

This morning, I was alerted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution (reg. req’d) that a Georgia State University astronomy program on Mt. Wilson, in California, had imaged the surface of Altair, a sun-sized star that is one of the brightest in … Continue reading

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Big Kaboom! Massive Star Goes Nova

The NY Times reports that the most massive supernova every observed occurred last September. Better information available at The NY Times waters down the science, as usual. I haven’t been keeping up on my Blog Tracking or this wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Galactic Faerie Lights

If you don’t like fantastic wondrous phenomenal things, do not click on this link.

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Pluto, redux?

Well! As posted here, and here, I’ve been talking about this whole “Planet” thing. Now there’s more development. Apparently the IAU is revising their revised revision again, and might eliminate Pluto from the planet list, dropping back to the 8 … Continue reading

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We've got 12 Planets!

It’s official! The voting membership of the IAU has accepted the draft definition of “Planet.” This means that we’ve got three new planets, with many many more to come. Ceres, the planet formerly known as an asteroid, takes the coveted … Continue reading

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Pluto, Plutons, Plutonium, Plutae?

The International Astronomical Union has posted a draft definition of “planet” that will serve to define our solar system and all others for all time! Well, not exactly, as Phil Plait over at points out quite well. The rules … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, known as the first day of summer to Americans. Why do we call this the first day of summer? Weather-wise, it’s more like the end of the first third of summer. Oh well… I trolled … Continue reading

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