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Mount Desert Island Marathon

It’s two weeks and one day until the Mount Desert Island Marathon. I and Jenn and our friends Tim and Andrew will be meeting in Southwest Harbor to run this race. I’m quasi-ready for this race; I’ll finish, but I … Continue reading

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Georgia Marathon 2011 – DNF

Today I ran the Georgia Marathon. Exactly 3.8 miles of it. I managed to pull my calf again. I was at the water station at on Auburn avenue when the aching in the calf became a shooting, stabbing pain. I … Continue reading

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Georgia Marathon

Tomorrow I run the Georgia Marathon. The course map is here (pdf) if you want to come cheer me on. You can figure I’ll cross the start line around 7:10 AM and be maintaining a 12:00 per mile pace (more … Continue reading

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I Ran and I Didn't Die

All evidence to the contrary. 19.0 miles in 3:49. Ugh. My pacing was poor and the last mile and a half were…painful. One month to the race. 14:11 Edit: Apparently I was also salty, as shown by the cat. I … Continue reading

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Training for the Georgia Marathon

I’ve got some catching up to do. And by catching up, I mean “I’ve got to train enough so I can finish the Georgia Marathon without feeling like I got run over by a truck.” At this stage, I’ve given … Continue reading

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Injury – Frustration

Last night I attended/worked the Search for the Golden Sprocket, an event sponsored by The Extraordinary Contraptions. I arrived earlier than most of the band and discovered that the primary entrance to the venue was a slick ice death trap. … Continue reading

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Marathon Training Continues

With this week’s snowpocalypse, doing any sort of regularly scheduled training has been difficult. Running on the sidewalks has been impossible (or extremely ill-advised, see this image and this tweet of mine) and until yesterday it was also not advisable … Continue reading

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Back into Training, Running, Triathlon

I’m back running, and this is making me very happy. I’ve been into my training regime for over a month. Things seem to be feeling well with respect to my calf, thank you very much. I even ran a race … Continue reading

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Running/Triathlon Training: State of the Bill

I had a commenter a while back say that he missed my posts about running and triathlon training. Alas, for the last little while there hasn’t been much to post, but here is a general update: Jennifer and I are … Continue reading

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Marathon, Concerts, Presentation

It’s been a busy few days. Lots of stuff going on. But let’s start with something funny that I have in common with this girl who ran the ING Georgia Half Marathon today. Let’s Compare! That was last Friday while … Continue reading

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