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Running while Listening

I ran a looong 10 miles today and as I sometimes do, I pulled up Usurpers by Derek Zumsteg and read by Steve Eley of Escape Pod.1 I’ve listened to this story at least twenty times since it first was … Continue reading

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Brooks’ QR Code License is Revoked

Remember this post, wherein I decried the myriad bad uses of QR codes? Maybe this image will remind you? Well, after 37.5 miles we get this: Thanks for nothing, Brooks.

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New Running Shoes and why QR Codes are Stupid

I inaugurated my new running shoes yesterday. On the left are the 407.03 mile-old Brooks and on the right are the brand spanking new (6 miles old) Brooks. The old pair lasted a year+ which is a bit longer than … Continue reading

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2011 Tulsa Black Friday Turkey Trot

Jenn and I completed the 2011 Black Friday Turkey Trot this morning. It was a good course, relatively flat and fast, and a well supported race. It was run by Fleet Feet and I extend a heartfelt “good job” to … Continue reading

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Marine Corps Marathon: Spectator’s Guide

On the weekend of October 30, we traveled to Washington, D.C. for the Marine Corps Marathon. Aside from the fun times and fast runs and general weekend glee, I came away from this race with the thought that it’s not … Continue reading

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Mount Desert Island Marathon

It’s two weeks and one day until the Mount Desert Island Marathon. I and Jenn and our friends Tim and Andrew will be meeting in Southwest Harbor to run this race. I’m quasi-ready for this race; I’ll finish, but I … Continue reading

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Running/Training Plan – 2012

If you’ve been reading the blog, you may remember a statement of mine in an earlier posting that went something like this: I am delightfully looking forward to NEVER EVER EVER running a marathon again… Let me tell you, training … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Janitor who Called Security

Dear Janitorial Service Provider: I am sorry to have brought you conflict on an early Sunday morning. I am also sorry to have disturbed you during what is probably a pleasant working period, being all by yourself inside a large … Continue reading

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Training Continues; Paranoia Sets In

We’re training for the Mount Desert Island Marathon. You may recall that I’ve been having some calf issues which caused me to DNF out of the Georgia Marathon. Well, training has begun again for the next big race and it’s … Continue reading

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On Training, Running, and Sunglasses

I started training again. I’d been sidelined for a while due to a pulled muscle. I went through physical therapy and did the exercises I was supposed to do for injury recovery, but other than that I basically sat on … Continue reading

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