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I’m Glad They Marked This Down

Because I don’t think I could afford to buy more than one or two of these. Seriously, what sort of crazy screw-up or bug had this posted at $263?

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Unit Use

I find it interesting the different units used in different industries and for different products. For example, I learned today that dehumidifiers are rated in pints of capacity. Not quarts, or gallons, or liters, but pints. We ran into something … Continue reading

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Photo Albums, Complete (For Now)

My purpose for the craft weekend that we had a few weeks ago is now done.

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Beware Sudden Changes

As I’ve yet to figure out a way to make theme changes to my blog in invisible ways to you, I’ll warn you that there may be some odd seeming stuff appearing here in the next few days. I apologize … Continue reading

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State of the Union vs. Real Politic

Last night’s State of the Union address was standard and predictable: high-minded appeals to a better future and how we’re going to get there, with few specifics. States of the Union are never very specific, however and the Republican responses … Continue reading

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Today's Sunrise

I get some good sunrises at work.

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Idimager vs. Lightroom: Part II

30 Aug 2013 update: Note that this discussion has been deprecated by Photo Supreme supplanting Idimager. The following discussion isn’t relevant anymore. The Situation Last week I ranted about Idimager. Since then, it has actually come around a bit. Two things occurred … Continue reading

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I'm GLaD…

I’m GLaD that today (at least) the cake was not a lie.

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USPS is Having Issues with Truthiness

In case you weren’t aware, we had a bit of snow and ice last week. I know our mail delivery person did not come to our mailbox on last Wednesday. Curious that a notice was left, according to the tracking … Continue reading

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Blogging, Databasing, Site-ing

As mentioned yesterday, I’m a bit of a homebody right now. Not moving around too much. Other than watching the Packers trounce the Falcons, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting various internet-, network- and computer-based things functional; tasks … Continue reading

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