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I Learn my Job Every Day

If you had asked me yesterday, “Bill, can you prevent pedestrians from crossing a bridge during construction?” my answer would have been “Sure.” And I would have been wrong wrong wrong: From the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices … Continue reading

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Job Transition

Earlier today, this was my business card. Now, I’m just plain ‘ol William M. Ruhsam, Jr., PE, PTOE Or, if you prefer, I have a more playful one. Unfortunately, due to the business climate around here, and to a couple … Continue reading

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My Desk

This is what my desk looks like when I’m creating traffic diagrams. Surrounded by thousands of dollars worth of equipment and software and still the best way to do what I’m doing right now is to just mess with pen … Continue reading

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Ramp Meters

Cross posted from Talking Traffic. Go there to comment. Alluding to yesterday’s post concerning the inaccuracies in an Atlanta Journal Constitution article about Ramp Meters, I have an anecdote: My wife and I go to plays at Oglethorpe University in … Continue reading

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Why Trees are Evil

Mike L. would say that Trees are Evil because they pump volatile organic compounds into the air, thusly causing global warming and smog. If we cut down all of the trees, there will be no VOC’s to mix with the … Continue reading

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New Paper Format

I read a few academic papers now and then. For one, I edit my wife’s papers before they head out the door. For another, I get research papers that deal with transportation issues. This article illustrates a new way to … Continue reading

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"Oh What Fun, it is to drive…"

In case you’re new to me or this blog, I am a traffic engineer. Better yet, I’m a certified traffic engineer: a Pee-Toe (PTOE, Professional Traffic Operations Engineer). This involves doing several different things like studying how new construction will … Continue reading

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Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are ever searching, like me, for new ways to make life with MS Windows easier (and you’re married to the keyboard), try this link. It contains nice keyboard shortcuts that include the funky windows menu key to the … Continue reading

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On Tangents and Other Necessary Brain Cleansers

Frequent readers will realize that not much has occurred on this blog for the past month or so. There’s been some spats, but not vast torrents like today. The deluge has a simple explanation: it’s writer’s block. Seriously. I’m sitting … Continue reading

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So, You Want to be an Astrophysicist?

ScienceBlogs contains a large number of useful, cogent, and entertaining blogs. One of them I was popping around on has a series of posts titled, So you want to be an Astrophysicist? Ahhh, where was the internet when I was … Continue reading

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