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Running while Listening

I ran a looong 10 miles today and as I sometimes do, I pulled up Usurpers by Derek Zumsteg and read by Steve Eley of Escape Pod.1 I’ve listened to this story at least twenty times since it first was … Continue reading

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As Promised

I’ve finally uploaded the two Librivox recordings to our server, for your listening pleasure: The Enchanted Canary -The Red Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang, read by moi. The Next Logical Step, by Ben Bova, again read by me. These are … Continue reading

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I have now recorded two stories for Podcastle, one which came out last September and other which hasn’t been published yet. On both occasions, I have been generally satisfied with my reading, but there is/was a lot of room for … Continue reading

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Audio Interface Saga

Back in August, we decided that if we really are going to do this podcasting thing, we should invest in better equipment than a $40 logitech headset. Don’t get me wrong: that $40 headset was great for what we needed … Continue reading

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PodCastle Reading

I have it on good authority (the editor, Rachael, tells me so) that the story I read for PodCastle will be posted today. (edit: here’s the link) PodCastle is the Fantasy sibling/spinoff to EscapePod. The story I read is called … Continue reading

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Attention Peeps! Possible Podcast

Jenn has floated the idea of her and me doing a CoupleCast™ wherein we discuss, together, our running and triathlon training in an open format. Question: Would you listen? Question: Would you care? Question: Do I think I have the … Continue reading

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I’m not sure that everyone’s aware, but I’m not the only person in the family with a Podcast. is Jenn’s professional blog and podcast. Check it out. She’s on episode 4 now.

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"Save me Plz"

Recent Escape Pod short strory, “Save me Plz” has been released as free fiction, accoring to SFSignal. It’s an interesting story. If you’re into gaming, or role playing, or both, I recommend reading it, or listening to the Escape Pod … Continue reading

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Podcasting Music Angst

This is a call for assistance. If you listen to the latest episode of Talking Traffic you will hear the sort of music that I’m looking for on my podcast. I search now and then on and the podsafe … Continue reading

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Podcasting on the Run!

I took my Iriver 799 along on my run tonight, in order to see how well recording can work in a hectically loud environment. Surprisingly, it worked very well, Now I have to keep the cord from knocking against the … Continue reading

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