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Artemis Helps Clean

The cats are always helpful when we’re cleaning things. Here Artemis is inspecting my t-shirt drawer. In the next one, I almost caught her whaling the crap out of Apollo. Pow! Right in the kisser.

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Happy Caturday (On Sunday)

Everybody needs some cat pictures. If you don’t follow me on twitter, make sure you check out Meowbify for some crazy cat image replacement fun. For once, the cats stood still reasonably well for portraiture.

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More Cat Pics

I know everyone has been waiting for more images of the cats. I would have more, but these are not photogenic cats, yet. They will not stand still! They will learn, soon.

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Cat Day 3

Artemis is starting exhibit her personality and it turns out we may have named her appropriately. She’s still a bit shy, though.

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Cats Day 2

With Apollo and Artemis making themselves at home in our bedroom, things are just a bit different than they were a couple days ago. We’ve got two fuzzy creatures running about, finding all sorts of things to knock over and … Continue reading

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Meet Apollo

Apollo is a twelve week old kitten who has already started to evince an outgoing nature. He took his time last night getting out of the cat carrier, but since then he’s been the one bounding around the room and … Continue reading

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New Family

Say hello to Artemis and Apollo! They arrived at our home less than half an hour ago. Apollo was the most outgoing at the Vet, but he was not the first one to emerge from the carrier. Better pictures when … Continue reading

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Psyche Cat: 1998 – 2011

We chose to put Psyche to sleep this morning. Her kidneys had failed and the likelihood of them coming back in time to clean her system of the built up poisons was small. The choices were to take her home … Continue reading

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Things you See in the ER

Last night, we had to spend some time in the veterinary emergency room. Our cat was exhibiting some distressing symptoms. Verdict is: Who knows. Maybe a stroke. Maybe a seizure (although apparently cats don’t get seizures like people do, the … Continue reading

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Dross & Nuggets

This image is clear proof that if you take enough shots with your 2Mpx camera, eventually something will come out that is worthy of being blown up to 8×10. This is our lovely, freaky, hairy cat named Psyche (seye’-kee). She … Continue reading

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