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Looking on the Brightside

I was thinking after my last post that I rarely give any publicity when I receive satisfactory customer service from the large monopolistic companies that control my every waking moment. While I don’t feel that they need it, really, I … Continue reading

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A Lesson and a Memory

Last week I tweeted these messages: You know what’s a good way to ruin my day but yours more? Jaywalk across Holcomb Bridge Road at night in the rain during rush hour. January 17, 2013 No, I did not strike … Continue reading

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Prepping for Eagle

Today I’m in Tulsa for my nephews’ Eagle Scout Court of Honor. The troop here makes a large event of their Eagle ceremonies and will have several scouts receive their ranks at the same time, so both nephews here, and … Continue reading

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Not Dead

I’m not dead. I’ve just been focused on other things. Here’s what I’m doing this morning.

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It’s a Frog? It’s a Spaceship? No, It’s a Baby!

Today is a banner day! We celebrate the first picture of the newest addition to the Jenn-Bill collective! I am reliably informed that this image is of a developing human being; I will trust the experts. Jenn is due on … Continue reading

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Leonid Meteors Tonight!

You should go outside and watch the Leonid meteor shower tonight (Friday Nov. 16, 2012). It will produce many more shooting stars than the normal 6-10 per hour, and if we’re lucky, it’ll be a one-per-second show. It all depends … Continue reading

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Jenn had a Birthday!

So wish her happy birthday. She’s another year better. The wonderful cake was created by Jacob Hollis. He’s studying to be a chef. We hate taste-testing his stuff.  We hatesses it so bad.

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Vacation Return Advice

Today’s advice is this: When returning from a vacation where one dropped a vehicle off at the dealer to be serviced, do not forget to pick it up before the next work day. Yes, Jenn is driving me there on … Continue reading

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From the Archives: Ego Searches

In what will be a recurring series, I’m randomly1 going back through the archives of the Eyebrow and blogging about things that were. Where I find something fun and interesting, I’ll note that. Where I find something I said that … Continue reading

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Light/End/Tunnel – Corporate America and Productivity

I seem to be coming out of the 1.5 month marathon1 that was my work schedule. I spent a lot of time working nights and weekends and I think I’m back to having a handle on it. It’s nice to … Continue reading

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