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Couldn’t Do It

I am a recreational reader, generally. I do have a few quirks about reading that people think weird1 but usually, if I’m reading something, it’s for distraction. On Saturday, Jenn and I went to the Library to get some books. … Continue reading

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New Notebook

I have a new notebook! Meet the Roaring Spring Laboratory Notebook 5×5 quad-ruled hardbound paper product. It is displayed to the right of my last two notebooks, the Whitelines A4 wirebound (middle) and the National Brand 5×5 Eye Ease spiral … Continue reading

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Paperless Office

I’ve been moving along the path of the paperless office. I use PDFs as much as possible and I try to scan and store anything that I’m not going to be needing immediately. Many people advocate moving to an entirely … Continue reading

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Books/Movies: Some Notes

Wheel of Time For those of you hiding under rocks, you might not be aware that the Epic Fantasy Monstrosity (EFM) Wheel of Time will be coming to a close soon with the publication of the 14th and final novel. … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There is an Antivax Conspiracy

Mentioned by the Bad Astronomer: Jamie Bernstein was kicked out of the Autism One conference in Austin, Texas because, well, the Antivaxers are a tad nuts. A police officer walked up to Ken and me and said, “Are you aware … Continue reading

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On Training, Running, and Sunglasses

I started training again. I’d been sidelined for a while due to a pulled muscle. I went through physical therapy and did the exercises I was supposed to do for injury recovery, but other than that I basically sat on … Continue reading

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Presidential Politics: Georgia Edition

With the Iowa Caucuses coming up soon1 there’s all sorts of fun going on in the Republican political arena. Mitt is being bulldozed by Palin and Donald “the hair” Trump decided he’s not running for president on a birther platform … Continue reading

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Apocalypse When?

In case you’ve been hiding away from the internet, you might not be aware that you have a measly five days to live (plus or minus, depending on your time zone). Yes, that’s right, the apocalypse is coming this Saturday, … Continue reading

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Whitelines Notebook: My Evaluation

A while back, I decided to try a new notebook: Whitelines. My initial evaluation is in that previous blog post. Since then, I’ve been using it in Bill-normal fashion, i.e. generally using it for notes and doodling and sketching and … Continue reading

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Please Please Please Read This and Stop Sending me this Crap

The Economist talks about something which is obvious to anyone with any idea about how contracts, confidentiality, and copyrights work: Automatic e-mail footers are not just annoying. They are legally useless Here’s one I just yanked out of my inbox: … Continue reading

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