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A Way to Lose Customers

A good way to lose customers is this. I converted to Quicken a few years ago because Microsoft Money was discontinued. Now I’m told that if I don’t purchase the software again, I will not be able to use it … Continue reading

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Times I’m Depressed to be surrounded by “Conservatives”

There are times when I just don’t understand conservative thought. I fully acknowledge that I am in the liberal camp when it comes to social issues, but I respect that there is room for disagreement on those1. I also have … Continue reading

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Brooks’ QR Code License is Revoked

Remember this post, wherein I decried the myriad bad uses of QR codes? Maybe this image will remind you? Well, after 37.5 miles we get this: Thanks for nothing, Brooks.

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Making it Easier to Get Things Done

I’ve been a proponent of some of the Getting Things Done philosophy since I read the book many moons ago. The book is an excellent organizational tool or system, depending on your needs, and it has served me well. I … Continue reading

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New Running Shoes and why QR Codes are Stupid

I inaugurated my new running shoes yesterday. On the left are the 407.03 mile-old Brooks and on the right are the brand spanking new (6 miles old) Brooks. The old pair lasted a year+ which is a bit longer than … Continue reading

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Posted without Comment (mostly)

The only comment I’m writing down is that this particular sketch has been speaking to me.

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Healthcare Day of Days

Today is a significant day for our Country. That might seem hyperbolic, but it’s not. Think about it. What happens today, when the Supreme Court announces its ruling (about 1.5 hours from now) will have an effect on our healthcare, … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Comfort Inn Ballston

To whom it may concern: On October 28, 2011, I and my party arrived at the Comfort Inn Ballston in Arlington, VA, in anticipation of a fun weekend attending the Marine Corps Marathon. As you’re probably aware, this is an … Continue reading

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Marine Corps Marathon: Spectator’s Guide

On the weekend of October 30, we traveled to Washington, D.C. for the Marine Corps Marathon. Aside from the fun times and fast runs and general weekend glee, I came away from this race with the thought that it’s not … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Janitor who Called Security

Dear Janitorial Service Provider: I am sorry to have brought you conflict on an early Sunday morning. I am also sorry to have disturbed you during what is probably a pleasant working period, being all by yourself inside a large … Continue reading

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