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Wikileaks, First Amendment, Espionage, Information Security

I’ve been having some lively discussions surrounding Wikileaks’ release of United States diplomatic cables on November 28, 2010. I seem to be confusing some people with my arguments and statements. I intend to clear this up. For the record: I … Continue reading

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Big Picture does Mount St. Helens

I remember St. Helens. I did a science project in 3rd grade about it. I would love to see what this site looks like today, 30 years after the eruption.

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Beloit College Mindset List

The 2008 Beloit College Mindset list is up. If you’ve never heard of this, it’s a list of facts and bullet points about the “traditional student” (~age 18) who is beginning college this fall. For example: 19 films have never … Continue reading

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I-35W Bridge Collapse, Minneapolis

If you look at any news feed in the US, whether it’s internet, cable, network, newspaper, whatever, I’m sure you’re aware of the bridge collapse in Minneapolis/St. Paul of the Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi river. At the moment, … Continue reading

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More Suspicious Devices in Boston

Another scurrilous bomb plot is foiled in Boston. This suspicious device was detonated by the Boston Police Department. Here is the original story. Here is a video of it being detonated. Looks like I’m out of a job! Either that … Continue reading

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Know Your Neighbors

Befriend your neighbors or something like this might happen to you. This man was dead for a year before he was discovered. That’s just wrong.

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Eating FrankenCows

The FDA has released its draft assesment of the safety of cloned animals entering the human food supply. They are inviting public comment for the next 90 (89, today) days. I don’t intend to read this thing, but I will … Continue reading

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Requeim for a Civil Defense Logo

FEMA et al have released a brand new logo to replace the old Civil Defense logo initially adopted in 1939. Quoting the NY Times: The CD insignia, which the association called “a relic from the cold war,” was eulogized by … Continue reading

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