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Happy Birthday, Evil Eyebrow!

Today is the Eyebrow’s 2nd birthday. This entry was posted to the minute of my first blog post ever. Yay for the Evil Eyebrow! Since it’s its inception, I’ve bumped up the frequency of postings a bit. We’re averaging about … Continue reading

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Only Two More Posts

This is a totally egregious posting. Down below, you’ll notice one of those internet quizzes, this one concerning what american accent I speak with. Unfortunately, the way it is formatted really screws with IE version 6, and probably others. So, … Continue reading

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Blogging is Crack

A friend of mine who (to paraphrase) “just couldn’t get into this blogging stuff” is now drenching the interwaves with posts. It’s amazing. I’m agog.

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Blogging Pathologies

Check out this link for a list of blogging pathologies, as supplied by Velcro City Tourist Board. I do not fully exhibit most of these, but a few ring uncomfortably close. Notably the reading aspects, not the writing ones.

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