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Interesting Statistical Anomaly – Triathlon Race Timing

I was analyzing the data (well, really I was just processing the data from the ugly text I can rip off the web into something that I can mangle with Excel) from the 2010 Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon and I … Continue reading

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Virus Comparison

One of the blogs I read has an interesting quote: To translate that into simpler terms: they didn’t just compare the genome of the new Ebola variant to other Ebola viruses; that wouldn’t be particularly difficult, since the Ebola genome … Continue reading

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365! Is a Big Number

For reasons I won’t get into, I was looking at the Birthday Problem today. The probability of two people out of a group of n people having the same birthday (month/day) is equal to Notice that 365! item? And the … Continue reading

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People are Dumb Everywhere

MarkCC has a posting linked to another posting about how the British aren’t teaching the itegersintegers very well. Some subset of british citizens are unaware that -10 is lower than -2. Go, check it out, especially the quote.

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