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Posts concerning Hurricane Katrina and the Aftermath

Hurricane Diapers to the Rescue!,2933,170254,00.html This was brought to my attention by a co-worker. Fox News had an interview a Mr. Peter Cordani who wants to use the same sort of gel used in diapers to disrupt hurricanes a little bit. My first instinctive … Continue reading

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The Interdictor

If you haven’t been following the developing situation in New Orleans, you’re probably not an American or you live on the Moon. It’s a mess. The Interdictor‘s blog on has a unique perspective on the situation.

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Inexcusable Behavior

A friend, Mike Steele, posted this in his LiveJournal Blog. It is a story of two EMS people in New Orleans from the get-go and how they evacuated. This story, if all true and accurate as portrayed, is aboslutely sickening. … Continue reading

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Katrina Narrow Escapes

Reports are saying the 50 to 60 thousand people are waiting for or currently being evacuated from New Orleans. I’m going to go out on a limb and make some assumptions: 1) They’re reasonably accurate on that number 2) That’s … Continue reading

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Help Katrina Victims

Please visit the Red Cross and donate some money. The thing most needed right now is for organizations that are already set up to send relief to disaster victims to have the funds to do it with. You can also … Continue reading

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