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New JibJab

The geniuses at JibJab have published their next animated political commentary entitled What We Call The News. You may remember This Land from the 2004 election season, which made a huge splash, deservedly so. Go check out the new one.

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Hot Kirk and Spock Action!

There is hot Kirk on Spock action at the Wednesday YouTube at SFSignal. Someone watches too much Star Trek.

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Operational Battlemech

Beware my 1.0 mph speed and sponge-bullet fury! No Space Invader will be safe.

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Cube Farm Samurai!

I don’t work with any of these people. In fact, I can honestly say that there is no one I (currently) work with that I dislike. Amazing, isn’t it?

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Battlestar vs. Star Destroyer

Another mashup found on Youtube, this one is well done. It perfectly illustrates why deep space combat as done (mostly) in Battlestar and (almost entirely) in Star Wars is silly. Self respecting admirals would not place their main combatants (i.e. … Continue reading

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The Art of the Saber

[Gacked from SF Signal] The Art of the Saber, an excellent short movie I recommend to anyone who likes Star Wars.

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