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Total Eclipse of the NOT

Horribly funny. Emphasis on the “Horribly”.

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Dr. Horrible

Did you watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog? If not, you should have. It was quite good. It’s Joss Whedon’s descent into writing-strike lunacy, as described by the Master Plan. Too bad it’s not free anymore. I confess that I … Continue reading

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The "OH MY GOD" Face

I saw this a while ago but I happened across it again tonight. Just as amusing this time as the last.

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Evolution in 10 minutes

Gacked from the Bad Astronomer’s blog. Oftentimes, you have to already have a degree in biology to refute the weird assertions people make about evolution. That speciation hasn’t been observed is one I always have a problem with because, ahem, … Continue reading

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"Don't Think, We'll Do it For You"

Plucked from the Bad Astronomer (who got it from somebody else) comes a video about how happiness can be found through not thinking. No, I never feel this way when I have conversations with people.

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Harry Potter Puppet Pals

My eldest sister Cindy pointed me to the website Potter Puppet Pals. This is the best part.

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"That's the last one of them we're doing…"

I can’t say that I’ve ever had something of this magnitude happen to me (no blood, don’t worry), but I’ve been in the position of saying, “we’re going to stop doing this now.” Let it never be said that I … Continue reading

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Satan Spawn!

Yes, I, too, am a satan-worshipping evil-doer who eats babies by the darkness of night.

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Battle on Safari

Witness an epic struggle between lions and buffalo and crocodiles! “Wicked”, is the word that leaps to mind. Thanks to my good buddy Dave, who clued me in to this one.

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Thanks to jazzmasterson for showing me the way to present at conferences.

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