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Wikileaks, First Amendment, Espionage, Information Security

I’ve been having some lively discussions surrounding Wikileaks’ release of United States diplomatic cables on November 28, 2010. I seem to be confusing some people with my arguments and statements. I intend to clear this up. For the record: I … Continue reading

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Coke Going Down?

Two volunteers at a British Alternative Film cinema are replacing the familiar taste of Coca Cola with a home-grown variety. They object to Coke’s business practices so they don’t serve the beverage, however people keep asking for it. They’ve spent … Continue reading

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Atomic Vacation

Today is the anniversary of the first combat use of a nuclear weapon. Hiroshima, Japan was destroyed by “Little Boy”, a gun-method uranium weapon with an approximate yield of 12 kilotons of TNT (for comparison, the largest weapon ever detonated … Continue reading

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Ziggurat Con! Support the Troops!

There will be a game con in Iraq. It will be attended by military personnel and civilian contractors. They need stuff. I haven’t yet figured the easiest way to contribute, but don’t let that stop you! Go to the link … Continue reading

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Internet to the Rescue!

A man watches his house being burglarized from across the globe. Alerts police. Laughs hysterically… Gacked from Back 80 Loop.

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Driving without Regulation!

Gacked from Matt Rosenberg’s Geography Blog is a story of traffic regulation by non-regulation. Basically it boils down to this: There are too many signs on the roads and most are not seen, respected, or understood by drivers*. It would … Continue reading

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Day of Quotes

I love reading news stories and finding some gem of a quote deep inside. For example, with respect to the French Goverment’s policy of selling various historical properties to reduce maintenance budgets and pay down the national debt: (gacked from … Continue reading

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