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Running the gamut between fixing the computer and installing a toilet.

Roof! Roof!

We’re having our roof redone. The existing roof dates back to the construction of the home (1988) and was only a contractor’s roof to begin. It’s time for it to go. This is a good shot of the existing roof. … Continue reading

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Yo Olde Dead Hickory

Nine days ago we finally had a large dead tree removed from our front yard area. This had been hanging over the house (literally) since summer. My dad had come to visit and we were sitting on the front porch … Continue reading

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Bad Tree Day

It’s never good when the arborist that you invite to your house to look at the trees takes one look at the single most house-dangerous tree on the property and says, “Oh, that’s gotta go.” Apparently that tree is in … Continue reading

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Two things I learned on Sunday

I learned two particular things on Sunday: Fixing the vinyl in your car is not easy to do well Wrapping your handlebars, while not complicated, requires practice The second of these items is by far the most important to me. … Continue reading

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Soda Bottle Safe

Via Lifehacker I saw this video about how to build a soda-bottle safe. A method for stashing small valuables in plain sight where no one would think to look. Of course, I don’t have any valuables that require safe keeping … Continue reading

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Locks are not Secure

Several years ago I was bored and purchased a set of lockpicks for my own amusement. I was quickly horrified by just how easy it was for me, with no skill, to go through the locks on my apartment, my … Continue reading

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Comcast Chapping our Ass

We’ve been having regular morning internet outages for the past few weeks. Not every day, but often enought to make it seem regular. Our internet provider is Comcast and we’re pretty much stuck with them, alas. This is genuinely odd. … Continue reading

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Personal Organization

Almost a year ago, I posted about Getting Things Done, a method of organization and productivity that David Allen (the author) espouses and which has taken society by storm. GTD, as it is better known, has several steps, and it … Continue reading

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Charging Your Portable Devices

What’s more inconvenient: Bringing the appropriate cord, or wearing a breathing-powered USB charger? Yes, yes, I know that perfect utility is not the point behind the MAKE movement or Instructables, but this still struck me as a silly, yet cool … Continue reading

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SF Movies I Need to See (again): SF Movie Series Part One

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a list of “classic” films that they’ve never seen. It wasn’t until about two years ago that I watched Casablanca, I’ve never seen The Graduate which some people assure me is … Continue reading

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