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Making it Easier to Get Things Done

I’ve been a proponent of some of the Getting Things Done philosophy since I read the book many moons ago. The book is an excellent organizational tool or system, depending on your needs, and it has served me well. I … Continue reading

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New Notebook

I use notebooks at work. I subscribe to the philosophy that if you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen. Since 2000, I’ve been using National Brand 5×5 Quad Paper with Eye Ease® paper. I love these notebooks and have … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Things

One of the things that High School tried to teach me was note taking skills. It didn’t really take until I got to college and even then I didn’t have a good system until around late sophomore year. I ended … Continue reading

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Productivity Systems

Richard from asks if productivity systems are for everyone? I respond, and not just because he used my images. Just for full disclosure, the image that Richard picked was a doomed experiment. It did not end up working in … Continue reading

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