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Attention Roleplaying Travelers: Tetrahedra Pack Best

Just now coming to my attention: Experiments in packing have determined that tetrahedra (4 sided dice) pack together most efficiently (subscription req’d) when randomly shaken in boxes. This news, from last year, is quite cool because how else do you … Continue reading

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WizKids goes Kerplooey!

If you’re a fan of the Pirates trading card game, I recommend some thinking. WizKids has gone under. What this will mean for their various lines of products? Who knows. But I wouldn’t be willing to bet that any particular … Continue reading

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Super Mario Galaxies

Due to my wiinjury, I’ve played a lot of Super Mario Galaxy in the past week. But before I get into that, some background. I haven’t owned a console game since the Atari 2600. I played various console games such … Continue reading

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Speaking of Chess

This is a kick-ass chess set. The pieces are opaque until placed on the board. Righteous!

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My Dad was visiting a few weeks ago and we played several games of chess while he was here. I think we were both rusty, but a few were intricate and exciting. At least half weren’t the type of game … Continue reading

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Random D&D 4.0 Monster

Using the method set up by John Kovalic in order to generate new and exciting D&D monster names, I present the: Chickenbreath Troll Beware the dangerous Chickenbreath Troll! Not only will it eat you, and pound you to jelly, but … Continue reading

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Star Wars Arcade Game (in my basement!)

where would I be without SF Signal! Do you want to own a classic 1980’s vector-graphic Star Wars Arcade game? Hell yeah! That would totally rock.

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Favorite Photo of the Week

I received my personal copy of the Saganami Island Tactical Simulator yesterday. This is a game, based on the Attack Vector game engine by Ad Astra Games. It is a true physics-based three-dimensional space naval combat simulator. It uses Newtonian1 … Continue reading

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Ziggurat Con! Support the Troops!

There will be a game con in Iraq. It will be attended by military personnel and civilian contractors. They need stuff. I haven’t yet figured the easiest way to contribute, but don’t let that stop you! Go to the link … Continue reading

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Armadillo Run

I read a review of the physics-based game Armadillo Run. It sounded cool, so I downloaded the trial and gave it a whirl. Awesome. This game revolves around building structures to get the ball from its start point to the … Continue reading

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