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Minty Boost

I ran into a bit of an issue at Dragon*Con; my phone refused to survive long enough for any useful activity. I have an HTC Evo 4G, with a notoriously short battery life. I purchased it a little over a … Continue reading

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What did *You* do Today?

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Photography as a Job

I enjoyed the Big Picture today, which had a series of photos from the recently completed final shuttle mission. Go and look; I’ll be here when you get back. Several of those images amused the heck out of me. I … Continue reading

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Books/Movies: Some Notes

Wheel of Time For those of you hiding under rocks, you might not be aware that the Epic Fantasy Monstrosity (EFM) Wheel of Time will be coming to a close soon with the publication of the 14th and final novel. … Continue reading

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Better Titled: “Nationalistic Propaganda Works!”

Jim Galloway of the AJC had a tidbit this morning: Beware: If you go to a Fourth of July celebration on Monday, your kids are statistically more likely to end up Republican. The study, out of Harvard, relates the likelihood … Continue reading

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Today we once again celebrate our free annual trip around the sun. I arbitrarily recognize this point in the year as a good start/end point due to the astronomically interesting nature of the day. At 1:16 EDT the sun will … Continue reading

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Online Ads to Make You Go, “Hmmm…”

Google served this up to me in my feedreader today: I’m pretty sure I haven’t been doing anything recently to make Google think I’m interested in dating sites. Or Iran. Or especially Iranian dating sites.

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Jungle Gym Fantasticness!

We were at Underwood Hills Park last Saturday to celebrate Kelly and Gabe’s wedding1. We discovered this rockin’ awesome jungle gym contraption. The web of ropes is fixed in such a fashion as to have several layers of “cells” between … Continue reading

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Latest Addiction: Minecraft

I’ve been playing Minecraft. Before you ask me, “What is Minecraft?”1 please observe this video. The Escapist : Zero Punctuation : Minecraft Yes. Minecraft is all that. And so much more addictive than is displayed in that video. I’d heard … Continue reading

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Redaction Tool for Important Internet Privacy Protection

A friend posted this link today, which sucked up my lunch. That link takes you to the best demonstration of Poe’s law available to date1. Then I clicked through to the dude’s website, which lead me to his redaction tool. … Continue reading

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