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Because Cats

Because my last couple posts have been depressing, I present cats.

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Vacation Return Advice

Today’s advice is this: When returning from a vacation where one dropped a vehicle off at the dealer to be serviced, do not forget to pick it up before the next work day. Yes, Jenn is driving me there on … Continue reading

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Pomplamoose Knocks it Clean

I love Pomplamoose’s videos. They make good stuff. They just released their tribute to Batman by covering the theme music. I say just because they delayed it due to the Aurora shootings. They explain their reasoning, and why they ended … Continue reading

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Dragon*Con 2011 Images

I finally got around to tagging and uploading Dragon*Con images from last year. Flickr has the collection. Enjoy.

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Back From St. Simons

Much to tell, but here’s a picture from Wednesday afternoon.

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Best Ribbon Evar

I’m at a conference, and this is the conference chair’s badge. I love it.

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I Heart Vi Hart

But! DO NOT WATCH this video until you’ve watched some of her other videos. If you have, great! Otherwise, watch Pi is Wrong or Snakes or any of her other videos on YouTube or at her website. Vi Hart totally … Continue reading

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Required Viewing

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The Piano Guys do Cello

You may have seen the link for Cello Wars making the rounds, and I highly recommend watching it, however after perusing the catalog of the guys who produced that, I came across this number which dropped my jaw on the … Continue reading

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Atlanta Robot Rally 2011

Sharon and I went to the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club Robot Rally yesterday, at the Pinckneyville Community Center in Norcross. It was a series of different contests that robots are entered into, from line following, where the robot has to … Continue reading

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