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Modern Marvels' Marveliscioustasticness

I watch the History Channel. It soothes my occasional need for something interesting to look at while my mind zones on other things. Modern Marvels is a particular favorite because they manage to explore (superficially) a lot of different subjects … Continue reading

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Sick as Proverbial Pooch

I have a nasty cold. It started on Friday last and by Saturday I was down for the count. The couch and I became very close friends. I didn’t sleep during the day much, so I watched a lot of … Continue reading

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Shark Jumping: Thy Name is Battlestar

I’m disappointed to note that I believe Battlestar Galactica has Jumped the Shark. Almost the entirety of season 3 has been disjointed and weird. The beginning credits note that the Cylons “Have a Plan” but even they don’t seem to … Continue reading

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Dresden Files

I’ve been trying to write a post about the Dresden Files since the second episode. I keep putting it down and then the next week’s episode is broadcast and I have to modify it. Everything below the fold was my … Continue reading

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Useless News Sites

I used to live in Lubbock Texas. You may have heard about it last night on Heroes wherein our chirpy protagonista Claire is supposedly skipping school to visit the aquarium there (Aquarium? Lubbock? Bobby Knight must have brought it with … Continue reading

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If only…

…my TiVo were hooked up to my network. Then I could rip a shot of the car that George Takei’s character from Heroes was riding in. License number = NCC 1701

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The Dresden Files

I’m a big fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series of books. I had the privilege of seeing Mr. Butcher at this year’s Dragon*Con. Now, the Sci-Fi channel has turned the series into a television serial, with mixed-positive, results, in … Continue reading

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Excellent Website

Cleaning out the “to be posted” file… I’ve spent the past week or so perusing the pages on this website. Most are strangely amusing. My favorite quote, found on the page of Astronomically Unlikely is: …if all-natural organic free-range babies … Continue reading

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Lost? How Lost are you?

I suspect that the number of comments I received on this post about Lost was due to the juxtaposition of “Lost” and “Shit” in the same googleable sentence. Somebody even popped up just last week to drop a comment. I’m … Continue reading

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Logical Conclusion to Heroes

Warning: Spoilers, if you haven’t watched this week’s Heroes yet… We know that Claire can survive all sorts of devastating physical trauma. She can be smashed, burned, sliced, diced, and julienned without long-lasting consequences. We have observed her to be … Continue reading

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