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Bones: Shark Jumpage

We’ve been watching Fox’s Bones since the first episode. The first two seasons were good. The third, which ended tonight, was a festering turd that stunk up my living room. Unfortunately, we were so invested that we refused to declare … Continue reading

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Jenn turned me on to the SciFi channel show, Eureka. It’s smart, funny, clever [add your own adjective here] and fun to watch. At least it was. This is the third season. We watched episode 2 last night and I … Continue reading

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The Middleman

Has anyone besides me and Jenn been watching ABC Family’s The Middleman? We have found it to be fun and cute; nice tasty chewing gum for the brain. It isn’t Dr. Who, but we think it’s worth our time.

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Random TV Shoutout -or- One of the Best TV Show Episodes Ever

Whoah Nelly! This post has been sitting around since January. Time to get it out the door. Parts are less timely, because Doctor Who season 3 is nearly over, but the meat of the post is still relevant. If you … Continue reading

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We're Doomed!

Scifi Disaster flicks are a staple of the industry. Good Scifi disaster flicks are the minority. It looks like there will be soon a new miniseries to add to the other category. Budgeted at $13 million, the effects-heavy “Impact” chronicles … Continue reading

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If You Liked First Season Heroes…

…you might find this review of Heroes’ second season amusing. For the record, I agree in principle with everything that is stated, yet I still watch. I’m a slave.

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I have way too many friends who love Firefly. Therefore, I present, courtesy of Bad Astronomy, NASA is sending Firefly into space.

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Really Bad TV Shows!

A fall line-up of Sci-Fi TV shows is displayed at (props to SFSignal for the link). Some of these shows read like a truly terrible idea. Others seem ok. For really bad, make sure you read the description of … Continue reading

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The Neverending Story, a.k.a. Lost

It’s been a long time since I swore off Lost, in all of it’s disglory. It was after the third episode of season two, when they had ended the hour with the exact same cliffhanger. At that moment, I was … Continue reading

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Jane Austen, Dr. Who, Jack Aubrey, Buffy…

This would be the best literary mashup of all time.

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