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Couldn’t Do It

I am a recreational reader, generally. I do have a few quirks about reading that people think weird1 but usually, if I’m reading something, it’s for distraction. On Saturday, Jenn and I went to the Library to get some books. … Continue reading

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Books/Movies: Some Notes

Wheel of Time For those of you hiding under rocks, you might not be aware that the Epic Fantasy Monstrosity (EFM) Wheel of Time will be coming to a close soon with the publication of the 14th and final novel. … Continue reading

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2010 Hugo Nominations

The 2010 Hugo Nominations are out and I haven’t read a single one of them. Nada. Zilch. This is surprising to me. Not that I’m a grand peruser of all that is scif/fantasy, but usually I manage to read something … Continue reading

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Childhood: Shattered

That sound you just heard? That horrible, crashing sound of breaking hearts and shattering happy places? That was the sound of my childhood foundering on the rocks of this Pooh vs. Alien mashup.

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Hugo Awards 2010

The 2010 Hugo nominations closed last night. The categorical selections for final voting will be announced on April 4. I’m excited! At least, a little bit. Last year, I had the privilege of randomly having read three of the five … Continue reading

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Scott Sigler's The Rookie

Do you like Football? Do you like Science Fiction? Do you like Corruption and Drug Dealers and the Mafia? Then you’ll like Scott Sigler’s self-published book, The Rookie. This book is available by podcast, but I’m a fan of having … Continue reading

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Henry the MDCXXXIX

Many moons ago, I made a 2008 New Years resolution to “Write at least one crappy short story”. As my linked post says, I did not get to it in 2008. But! I have now written a crappy short story! … Continue reading

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Hugo: Best Novel

Tomorrow is the deadline to vote on the Hugo Awards for this year’s Worldcon. Does this mean anything to YOU? Only if you purchased a membership and are eligible to vote. If you did, hopefully you’re not a big fat … Continue reading

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Bones: Shark Jumpage

We’ve been watching Fox’s Bones since the first episode. The first two seasons were good. The third, which ended tonight, was a festering turd that stunk up my living room. Unfortunately, we were so invested that we refused to declare … Continue reading

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Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

In keeping with my goals from the Hugo reading project I finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke yesterday. My review of the book is: A delight and I’ll never read it again. I won’t re-read it because … Continue reading

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