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Blog Downtime

I’m moving the blog today. Around noon, I’m going to pick up the directory and move it from its current home at to, a much more convenient url. I’ve never done this before; I don’t know what’s going … Continue reading

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Washing your Keyboard

NPR Morning Edition had a story today concerning the cleansing of your computer keyboard. Most manufacturer’s recommendations that I’ve seen have involved wiping the surface down with mild disinfectant and/or using canned air to blow the crumbs/dust/hair out from between … Continue reading

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Project Management Training

For four days last week I attended Project Management Training at my coporate headquarters in Laurel, Maryland (Exit 33 off of I-95, in case you care). It was pretty intensive with two full days and a half day on Wednesday … Continue reading

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PM Training

If you read this blog, like Tom, you might wonder why I’ve been in MD two weeks out of two. Last week I was here for a company Technology Conference. This week I’m here for Project Management Training. The training … Continue reading

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Blog as Business dropped into my feedreader this morning and caught my attention with this first sentence. Traffic is the single most important thing when you build a website, even more than content itself. What?! Huh?! What a minute… Of course, if … Continue reading

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Big Pharmaceuticals Aren't Evil Dictators?

In a post about the current regulatory environment around medial care today, In The Pipeline is maintaining the the NYTimes seems to be adopting a conciliatory attitude toward big pharma. I have no idea. I personally find this post interesting … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart is Not Evil?

I’ve never jumped on the “Wal-Mart is Evil!” bandwagon. I agree that Wal-Mart pursues some disappointing business practices, but they are hardly the first, or only, large company to do so. They get more crap because they are so close … Continue reading

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Play Money

I heard about the book Play Money on NPR last week. The author, Julian Dibbell, is a freelance writer who as a part of investigating a story, became an online trader of Ultima Online items and currency. I was fascinated … Continue reading

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